Hi all,

Just got off the phone with a winery owner friend of mine and once again realized that the difficulty for small to medium wineries lies in selling the wine (this includes getting paid for it) and that there really isn’t that much support out there for these guys… Hence my decision to start this blog. Let me introduce myself, I work for 4.5 years as a VP marketing and sales for a small to medium size winery in New Zealand and as you might have guessed from my title my main focus was on selling wine. This included branding, distribution channels – ie retaining existing ones and acquiring partners in new markets – pricing, marketing etc.
Since leaving Nz I have been working in operations for a web start up and really started to appreciate the value of Social Media to get your product to market, I am also pretty clued up on budgeting, suppliers management and running a smooth operation, and would like to share my knowledge as well as my passion for wine with you all. Watch this space for tips on how to market your product and get the recognition and the $$ you are after!